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Vinyltoluene (VT)

Molecular formula: C9H10
Structural formula:
CAS RN: 25013-15-4
Physical and chemical properties: Appearance: colorless liquid
Flash point: 53℃
Boiling point: 170-172 ℃
Density (20 oC): 0.897-0.899 g/cm³
Characteristics: flammable, reactive with oxidants, peroxides and strong acids.
Applications: VT is a mixture of m-methylstyrene and p-methylstyrene. Compared with styrene monomer (SM), it has lower toxicity, volatility and odor, higher stability and flash point. It can be used as a replacement of SM for the manufacture of unsaturated polyester resin, modified alkyd resin, vinyl resin and so on. These resins are widely used in impregnating insulation paint, coating and composite industries.
Application areas:


Insulating dip paint
Insulating dip paint

Unsaturated polyester resin paint
Unsaturated polyester resin paint

Package: 180 kg/galvanized drum, ISO tank.
Storage: It is a flammable liquid with high flash point and should be stored in a warehouse blow 16 oC. Keep away from fire, heat sources, oxidants, peroxides and strong acids.
Quality index:
Item Quality index
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Density (20 ℃) , g/cm³ 0.897~0.899
Purity,wt% ≥ 99.5
Refractive index nD20 ℃ 1.542±0.003
Color (Pt-Co)≤ 20
Polymer content, ppm ≤ 15
Inhibitor content , ppm 30-80
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